About  Us

SDN is an independent leading Logistics and Distribution company for offline and online retail with Nationwide Distribution Network.

SDN was founded as a fast moving consumer goods distribution company in 1993. Over the past decade SDN has committed to grow its distribution network and become leading nationwide distribution company and expand the business to logistics services

SDN Distribution

SDN Distribution is an independent distribution company and transform from traditional distribution company become Digital Distribution company to serve offline and online retailers with Nationwide Distribution Network.

SDN also expand its product category to consumer health, personal care, and home care, and distribute all the products to retail markets, modern markets, grocery stores, e-Commerce and the food service industry.

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SDN Logistics

SDN Logistics is a company that provides logistics services to the customers in managing warehousing and logistic operation and land transportation services throughout our distribution centres in Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya. Our logistic services benefit our customers and partners in providing total logistics solution services.

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Vision & Mission


“To become the Largest Tech Enable Independent FMCG Distribution company in Indonesia”


“To partner with brands and empower SMEs growth in Indonesia by integrating all stakeholders across the supply chain in an integrated, inclusive and transparent digital distribution ecosystem”

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Harsinto Huang

Chief Financial Officer

Bernard Iskandar

Director of Sales & Operation

Mokh Asrul Akhdi

Head of Logistic Operations

Meitinus Laoli

Director of Business & Strategic Partnership

Tjen Romi

Head of IT

Susy Aryani

People Business Partner Lead

Markus Widyawan